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Maintenance Do's and Don'ts

DO: Save Money and Time with Proper Matting

DON'T: Cut corners with inadequate matting

The matting you place at your entrance is perhaps one of the most important prevention steps you can take to reduce damage to your flooring and decrease maintenance time. The proper matting will trap dirt and debris before it is tracked into your building. Did yo know that the cost to remove one pound of dirt is over $600?

It is important to lay the mats in the right locations, as well. So often, we will visit a faciilty and the matting is not placed appropriately. Or, the matting is curling at the corners, which is typically the result of a cheaper production process. Curling edges are particularly alarming, as they present a trip-and-fall hazard. Additionally, they will not trap the amount of dirt and debris to decrease maintenance and replacement costs.


Take a look at this video from The Andersen Company that demonstrates the value of proper matting.

DO: Learn About All the Options on Your Equipment

DON'T: Restrict Yourself to Using Just a Few Functions

The other day we walked into a customer's facility, and saw a piece of equipment in use.

We mentioned that the piece had several other functions and questioned the customer on if they had used it for one of those additional functions. the response was "no, we just use it for this one function."

The customer was spending additional time to complete a task by hand, that could have been done with this piece of equipment.


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